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Adria Champions Cup - Bedrin scores exciting 60 Mini podium

Adria Champions Cup - Bedrin scores exciting 60 Mini podium

The opening weekend of the season for the Baby Race Team ended with a spectacular podium finish scored by Nikita Bedrin in the 60 Mini class at Adria. Lining-up in the Champions Cup (featuring a 253-strong roster in five classes) Baby Race starred in all categories although the team collected less dividends than deserved by the drivers. The only podium came from Bedrin, part of the SMP Racing program. In the Final race, the Russian pleased the crowd with a stunning recovery from 18th to 3rd place. It was an outstanding comeback that showcased the strengths of both the team and the driver. Nikita had ended up third in the pre-final before the stewards penalized him for a dropped nose due a small unavoidable contact in the opening stages. As a consequence, the young racer was pushed back to row 9 for the Final. A pity because he definitely would have had a shot at the win. Ruslan Fomin also performed well after several battles, like Brando Badoer, who deservedly reached the Final and ended up 23rd. Andrey Dubynin had a tough break as he was pushed from 19th to 31st place by a penalty, and Rashid Al Dhaheri suffered the same fate, dropping from 23rd to 32nd place. A penalty prevented Alessandro Cenedese from making it to the Final, while Nikita Johnson could not make his way through the heats.

In the OK Junior, Luca Bosco made his class debut and delivered consistently throughout the weekend capturing an hard-fought 12th place, and the same goes from Alexey Brizhan, who took 19th overall. On the other hand, Andrea Rosso has been the star of OKJ. After setting the pole and performing brilliantly in the heats. In Pre-Final 2 he was second when Spanish driver Civico, who was on top, made a mistake and went wide at the chicane before the final corner. Civico crossed back to rejoin the track but took off on a kerb end ended up hitting the Baby Race driver who couldn’t avoid the contact. With a bent steering rack, Rosso could not access the final, in a terrible run of luck after being in contention for the win all the time. Paul Aron was knocked-out from the Pre-Final.

In the OK class, Noah Watt made his debut in the series and performed well among the more experienced drivers with a ninth place in the Pre-Final. In the Final, he fought at the middle of the pack and finished 17th. Edoardo Morricone and Marzio Moretti suffered from bad luck as they suffered from technical issues. In the end, they were prevented from accessing the Final due to the DNFs in the Pre-Final.

Last but not least, the KZ Baby Race field featured Leonardo Lorandi and Alessio Lorandi (the latter made his comeback to the series after two years in F.3 and GP3). In the Final race, Leonardo started well and recovered positions, ending up eight despite a contact. After a tough start, Alessio regained seven positions but lost ground in the closing stages ending up 14th.


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