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Interview - Nikita Bedrin - Russian Champion

Interview - Nikita Bedrin - Russian Champion

How did the season in the Russian series go and how did you secure victory?

"The season in the Russian series consisted of 6 stages. I won 3 of them, in one race I was second, and in the other two I finished third, I scored a lot of points, and I won the championship after 5 races".

You have been really quick straight away in Italy with Baby Race, and you won several race. What will be your next steps, in general and with Baby Race?
"In 2016 season I'm planning to participate in other 3 Italian races: WSK Final Cup, Grand Final Vortex and Industry Trophy. Unfortunately, in Russia there are no more races".

Did you notice any big difference between the national races in your country and the ones in Italy?
"There is a big difference between national races in Russia and in Italy. Firstly, in Russia there is a mono-engine Parilla, and it is slower minimum for a second, depends on conditions. Secondly, the tires are softer in Russia. In Italy I drive on chassis TonyKart, in Russia it is Energy. Without a doubt, the level of competitions in Italy is much higher".

You are currently part of the SMP Junior school, which developed many strong drivers all the way up to the doorsteps of Formula 1. What are the plans on you for 2017?
"Yes, and I'm proud of being a part of SMP Racing program. In 2017 I'm planning to take part in the full Italian season taking into account all significant races with the Baby Race team".

How many days do you spend driving a go-kart? How do you manage sport and school?
"I usually drive all day long when my team has tests and races.
When I return from the races I study hard and have many additional lessons. But anyway the life shows that I combine sport and studies well".

Where do you live? Are there any karting tracks near your hometown?
"I live in Belgorod in Russia and there is a nice track in my city".

How did you decide you wanted to be a racecar driver?
"As I've already said I have a track in my city and once started and couldn't stop it".

Do you practice any other sport? Are there other athletes in your family?
"Yes,I get some kickboxing lessons, and often have trainings with my coach in the gym. It gives me a lot of energy and I feel well".

Who is your favourite driver?
"Max Verstappen is my favourite driver" .

Have you haver been at a open-wheel race? I bet you can’t wait to be on a single seater!
"Yes, I've been at formula 1 races in Sochi and Abu Dhabi. Right, I can't wait and I will do my best to make my dream come true!"


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